London Design Festival – Graphic Design Day

rendering of please be seated

Today London Artists looked through the London Design Festival Guide (which you can download here.)  and decided to attend The Business of Design talk.

That talk is described as follows:

The business of design can be one of the biggest challenges for any designer to navigate. This panel will explore the relationship between creative practice methods and the tools and skills required to function effectively as a practicing designer today, sharing insights into different models, approaches and operational scales of practice.

Who is talking for this event? The Panel includes:

  • CHAIR: Alec Dudson, Intern Magazine
  • Sarah Boris, Sarah Boris Studio
  • Susanna Edwards, Course Coordinator Falmouth University’s flexible MA Graphic Design Online
  • Theo Inglis, Designer and Design Writer
  • Alex Ostrowski, Founder, Lovers
  • Neef Rehman, Adventure Lead, ustwo

The workshop attached to the talk is sold out but I promise to come back and share with you any tidbits that may be useful to your artistic and/or design practice.

Right now, I will be hunting for a sculpture entitled Please be Seated created by Designer Paul Cooksedge which is located in Broadgate, London’s largest pedestrian neighbourhood. Below is a rendering of the art piece.

Render One
Rendering of Please be Seated at Broadgate by Designer Paul Cocksedge

Because there are so many venues and things to see, I decided to plan my week using the guid and following the Global Design Forum themes as follows:

  • Sunday 15 September: Graphic Design
picture_catalogue (1)
  • Monday 16 September: Biodesign: Engineering a Future
  • Tuesday 17 September: Design for Change
  • Wednesday 18 September: Digital Futures
  • Thursday 19 September: Sustainability: Revolution and Solution
  • Friday 20 September: The Theatre of Experience

If you have a venue that you would like me to visit or a workshop that you would like me to attend, please email me at



London Design Festival 2019

London Design Festival

The London Design Festival starts today. Established in 2003 by Sir John Sorrell CBE and Ben Evan CBE, the festival’s goal is to make London the design capital of the world. Has the event achieved its goal?

I picked up the event guide at a local gallery this morning at OXO Tower. The free guide is a whopping 240 page paperback booklet.

If you are into technology, you can download the festival app from their website. Apparently all you have to do is go to their homepage and ask to add the app to your homescreen. (I have not done this.) If you are technology challenged, pick up a guide. It is always fun to have a book to mark up with a pen. will be attending events from the 14th through the 22nd. If you have an event that you would like us to attend, please let us know. Otherwise, I will be attending whatever events I can find an available seat… many events are already booked which is something I need to remember for when planning next year’s visit to this event.

If you are interested in some of the workshops, you can register for them at the global design forum. The booklet states what is happening each day but doesn’t tell you specifically where to get the tickets.

The event I’m interested in for tomorrow is Speculative Future Business Models. Exploring ideas for future practice and the business of design. It technically is sold out but MAYBE I can get a press pass and tell you what they talked about. Keep your fingers crossed.

London Design Festival 2019

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